How We Work

Customer satisfaction means that we take pride in our craftsmanship and understand exactly what you expect when you buy from us.  Your products are delivered to you on time and in perfect condition.

For all of our products, our quality control begins at the source and continues at our fabricating facilities.  This results in high-quality products that are custom made to your exact specifications and beautifully finished to enhance the unique color and characteristics of each individual piece.

After the final inspection, the finished product is individually marked and carefully crated.  Worry-free shipping is ensured by our state of the art packing system.  We will also pack to your specifications as well as imprint your company logo and product item number on the packaging to facilitate inventory control and help speed the shipment through your receiving department.

We understand your need to schedule product delivery.  We are involved in every step of the order process and will provide the status of your orders and their estimated time of arrival.

To lower shipping costs, Marble Dimensions Worldwide provides a full container direct shipping program, making your purchases affordable and economical.  Less than container load shipping programs are available upon request and can be developed to suit a particular customer's need.

We will provide support and assistance with material selection and are available to work directly with your sales team at your facility, furniture markets, or trade shows.

We also speak with manufacturing and retail firms nationwide to provide a better understanding and appreciation of any and all products you may wish to have made by us.  We are also more than happy to share our knowledge of the product and the materials they are made from to help your representatives when explaining your items.